Installation – Step-by-step instructions with screenshots

Download the software package from the download link:

Locate the downloaded ZIP folder



Open the ZIP folder with your choice of archive management tool (most common 7z or WINZIP or something similar). Then select all the files and click on Extract button to extract the contents to a folder on your computer.



Go to the folder on your machine where you extracted all the files from the package.



Now create a folder on your site and upload all the files in that folder using FTP program of your choice. No need to upload the README.htm. FIGHTForex_Webrequestor_V5.ex4 and fxrp_trades.sql files. Rest just drag and drop into the new folder on your webserver as shown below.



Create a new database using your sites database utility. The example below is for cPanel.



After creating the database, create a database user as shown below.



After creating the user, add the user to the database with full access.



In the end you should see a message something similar to the following:



Note down the username, password and the database name for reference.

Now go to the database using phpMyAdmin as shown below.



Now go to the newly created database and then click on the SQL option as shown below.




Now go back to the folder where you extracted the files from the downloaded package. Locate the fightfor_fxrpv17.sql file and open it in wordpad (or any text editor of your choice).


Copy and paste the entire contents of the .sql file into the SQL tab in your phpMyAdmin page as shown below.



Once you click on Go button towards the bottom right, you should get the success message and you should see the following table created in your new database.



Go to the file explorer of your web host and locate the fxrp_config.php file and edit it using the editor provided.


Locate the following variables in the config file and enter the details you wrote down when you created the database.


Update other variables as per the instructions given and save the file. Usually database host is localhost. If not, please check with your hosting provider to get the database host name.


Now the web setup is almost done. All that is left is to add the EA to your MT4 that will transmit the trading data to your webserver.

First step here is to locate the .EX4 file that came with this package. See the screenshot below for reference:


Now open the MT4 where you are doing your trading. Open any chart of any currency pair (it does not matter which one you open and which timeframe). See the screenshot below where I have opened the EURUSD H1 chart. Also note that currently the EA that came with the package is not there in the list of available EAs on the left. Also note the account number for reference.



Now open the meta quotes editor by clicking on the small icon at the top as shown below.



When Meta Quotes Editor is open, Right-Click on the Experts in the left panel and click on the “Open Folder” option.



Copy over the .EX4 file that came with the package to the Experts folder as shown below.




All DONE! Now go to the URL where you have uploaded all your PHP files and you will be guided step-by-step. Good luck!